What Is Stigma

What exactly does stigma mean?

Webster’s dictionary says:

 stigma noun

stig·​ma | \ ˈstig-mə  \

plural stigmas or stigmata\ stig-​ˈmä-​tə  , ˈstig-​mə-​tə \

Definition of stigma

1a : a mark of shame or discredit : STAIN

bore the stigma of cowardice

b plural usually stigmata : an identifying mark or characteristic

specifically : a specific diagnostic sign of a disease


 definition (i actually like the best

Social stigma, the disapproval of a person based on physical or behavioral characteristics that distinguish them from others



A negative stereotype about a group of people. 

So there you go, we are judgmental pieces of shit! It’s human nature, we all do it, whether we realize it or not. I don’t blame us for it, it’s just how we are built.  But knowing you’re doing it, is the first step on working on it!

Ok, so let’s talk about me. (Please comment your stories, I would love to hear about them!) A year before getting pregnant with my daughter. (last kid btw) I became a stay at home mom and felt like I lost my identity, as a wife, and as a mom. I started drinking. Of course, I quit after I found out we were expecting. Quit for a year and was being a responsible momma, I quit before i became knocked up. ( I had to take medications to ovulate) I didn’t touch a drop until i quit breastfeeding after 4 months. After having Addi it was just me and her, and I became depressed. Vodka became my best friend and my worst enemy. The way i was drinking, I lost myself with every drink. I got to the point to where I was drinking from sun up until I went to bed. I could out drink most men well over 100 pounds on me. That’s no way to live! It was time to wake up and realize reality instead of living in a dream of denial.

I became a stereotypical alcoholic housewife. And guess what? As much as I was caring for my family, I didn’t even think about taking care of myself. I have some liver damage and ended up having to go to rehab to quit my drinking or I would have died. 

Ok so that’s where the stigma kicks in. I felt like I lost myself and realized how easy it is to do so. Life is a trivial pursuit of happiness that is overshadowed by secrets that each of us possess. Please be real to yourself and accept the help that you may deserve.

 I’ll be sure to blog about my experience by going to rehab for a cry for help.

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