My Daughter Is A Cutter

So looking back, every thing seems obvious. My daughter started wearing long sleeves all the time, which is weird because we live in Florida. It gets miserably hot and humid to the point of feeling like you live on the damn sun. She always been cold natured, because hes very tall and thin. I was cold all the time growing up too, so I thought nothing of it.

Her dad calls me and tells me he has something important to talk to me about and I need to stay as calm as possible. He tells me he found marks on her arm and she admitted to him that she’s been cutting. I’m so glad that she is an honest young lady. I wish that she would have told us her pain sooner so she didn’t fall into that habit. But it is what it is. So, I message my therapist right after getting off the phone with him and he agreed to see her.

Shes always been an anxious child. She has some of my nervous traits, for example, we both pick on the sides of our thumbs. She expressed to us that she feels like she doesn’t have many friends. She really is a smart girl and feels that she has problems connecting with kids her age. A girl at school is also mean to her.

Maybe isolation from summer break has created boredom for her to think about cutting herself, since she says she hasn’t cut since school started. But maybe their is a deeper meaning. I’m just glad we were able to catch her compulsion sooner than later. Our therapist can teach her tools to cope when she feels the urge to cut.

I believe its so very important to keep communication and talk to your child about anything and everything, even if they’re 4 and want to know why the sky is blue. Look it up for them and teach them as much as you can.

I believe she started cutting due to two events that effected her within a month. I went into rehab in May for alcohol addiction. Shortly after her dad had a massive heart attack and was in the hospital for about a week or so after his surgery.

My therapist told me that the way she copes has nothing to do with me. He said in a sense its selfish to think that way. So don’t think your alone if you have this problem and reach out to me. I’m no expert, but I can be a friend to talk! Be a happy parent and know their is a community here for you and anyone else you know that may be feeling the same way. Please register and join the family!

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