I Hold My Keys To My Mental Prison, And I have Them In My Pocket!

This one powerful picture can say a million words! It says a lot to me. I’d love feedback on what it says to you!! It says you can be stuck in your head and have no way out of the kayos. It takes work, but we can get out of this prison. We hold the keys, no one can do this for us. I believe changing your thinking can help realize what you’re doing, and then analyze if the thought is true of false. I’m learning this in therapy,

Mental prison isn’t a pleasant place to be. I know it all to well. I’m at home with a 2 year old most days, except, for days when I go to intensive therapy three times a week. Its not easy to have to go through your past. You can learn to cope, so you can learn how move past it, and live in the present. Keeping yourself in the present isn’t easy either when you’re so used to living in the past.

Staying in the past does nothing good for us. Its poison.

For me its very hard to think about what my life will be when I’m actually able to change my way of thinking. I’m excited about it at the same time. Living in the now is very hard for me, which I’m working on very hard. When a bad thought pops up, I have to tell myself this already and I’m not in that place in my life anymore, and Its done and over with.

For a healthy mind, I believe we need to keep busy so those thoughts don’t tangle up in your head. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m going to intensive therapy which takes up 9 hours a week and try my best to make it to as many meetings I can go at night. I’m going grocery shopping again with my husband instead of sitting at home. Going out is really tough for me, this Is another topic I’ll blog about later. Isolation doesn’t help you have a healthy mind.

So find a good therapist that can help you through this or even find a good self help book to help yourself. Remember you are important and deserve happiness!!!

Sitting around thinking about what bad things could happen doesn’t do anyone any good. Get out there and work on yourself and have a healthier happy life.

I find writing out my day on paper is extremely helpful. I word vomit about my day then chuck it in the fuck it bucket. Especially if its something the bothers the shit out of me. Its a type of release. For me this is my key.

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