Fat Shaming

Fat shaming is not OK. I had it personally happen to me at my daughter’s birthday party. My own freaking parents, of all people. How dare they? I don’t bring up all the flaws they have, because its just uncalled for.

They didn’t make the comment only once, they continued to bring it up. They even brought it up in front of my in-laws. After my parents left, my in-laws were in shock that they would do that to their daughter, in front of her family. I felt ashamed, embarrassed, and wished they weren’t even invited.

As I’ve mentioned before I was a heavy drinker for a few years. Alcohol turns into sugar, those empty calories cause you to gain weight. Around that time, I was at least 30 pounds overweight. When in treatment, my doctor was surprised I wasn’t diabetic or pre-diabetic.

Yes, being overweight can cause many health problems. Some people can’t help their weight due to certain medical conditions. What makes me sad is those people who cannot help their weight because of medical conditions are labeled as lazy, don’t eat right, and have no motivation.

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