Covid-19 aka the Corona Virus

So, this virus has been around since late 2019. It’s only getting worse as the days pass. I’m sure many of you, like me are freaked the fuck out by it. As of now we have over 12,000 confirmed cases if Florida. This isn’t your ordinary flu.

Schools have been closed for a month or so now, some are planning to close for the rest of the school year. We’ve decided to keep the little one home from daycare incase more cases pop up.

Small businesses and non essential employers have closed their doors. Now larger retail companies are starting to only allow a certain number of patrians inside at one time. Our economy is crashing and we are in a recession. All of this isn’t new news unless you’re living under a rock.

For many of us this is concerning, to the point Its effecting our daily lives. Constant hand washing and keeping our hands away from our face. Those with little ones have to be out of their minds, we are constantly reminding them to keep their hands out of their mouths. I also worry for those who have a compromised immune system. I can only imagine whats going on inside their head. I worry about completely healthy people as well. The death rate on this virus is exceptionally high. It still hasn’t surpassed the common flu, but numbers are climbing daily.

For the past two and a half weeks, since getting out of rehab, I’ve only been out in public a handful of times, people are wearing masks and gloves which boggles my mind, I’ve seen clips of people in China who do this yearly with every flu season.

My home life now consists of my normal daily routine, and working on art three or 4 projects for at least four hours a day. I’ve even taught myself to embroider by hand, which i’m pretty proud of. I’m keeping myself busy since I’m not leaving the house, not even to attend meetings.

My anxiety on this subject is pretty bad. Its gotten worse this past week. In the beginning of all of this I believed it was only a case of the yearly flu. None of us know if we will comedown with this terrible non forgiving illness. I’ve heard many people complain about having to stay home, but It’s more important to be very cautious. Things are getting worse by the day. This epidemic definitely is going into the history books for our future generations to read about in school.

Id like to thank anyone who is risking their health working as an essential worker!

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